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A cost effective essential fatty acid technology for milk replacers, calf starters and growers. Research proven to help improve calf performance in 4 ways:
  • Reduces scours
  • Improves ADG
  • Improves frame growth
  • Improves feed efficiency
Essential Lipids 4 Life technology consists of a unique blend of bioactive fatty acids that are often deficient in the diet. This bioactive fatty acid blend helps calves to metabolically utilize nutrients that contribute to bone growth and muscle mass. In addition, the developing villi and pancreas are aided by decreasing inflammation and bacteria load from pathogenic bacteria. This accelerated development in gut health aids in rumen development and strengthens the immune response helping the calves to make a faster and easier transition to starter feeds and further performance gains.

During more than 10 years of intensive research, the efficacy of Essential Lipids 4 Life has been proven in "real world" field trials and peer reviewed articles.
Essential Lipids 4 Life is made up of bioactive fatty acids that are present in cow's milk but not normally used as ingredients in calf milk replacers. They have therefore been deficient in the diet of calves fed on milk replacers until now!
For use in Starter and Grower Phase
For Optimum Performance ........ research trials have proven that calf performance is consistently improved when Essential Lipids 4 Life continues to be fed in the starter and grower phases. Choose calf starter/grower feeds manufactured using Essentials Dairy and Beef Calf Micro Premix containing Essential Lipids 4 Life.
NOTE: Research carried out using NeoTec4, a product of Provimi North America distributed in Canada by PMT Inc. under the name of Essential Lipids 4 Life
THIS ---->https://bordervet.vetmatrixbase.com/retail-sales/salt--mineral-and-feed-supplies/wet-nurse-milk-replacer/essential-lipids-4-life.html

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