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More than Convenience

  • FCI approved, no restricted use protein products.
  • All natural plant proteins predominantly used. Urea/NPN only by special request.
  • Complete well-balanced vitamin and mineral program. Formulations to fill all phases of production livestock.
  • Enhanced roughage utilization through Amaferm. Animals will have a better fill - visibly less fiber is seen in the manure in 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • Substantial roughage saves: 15-30% on hay and up to 50% on corn stalks.
  • Only the most consistent and easily digestible ingredient sources are used.
  • No chemical hardeners, fillers, screenings, grain dust or bittering agents are used.
  • No waste; the tubs are completely weatherproof and can't be spilled or trampled.
  • Indefinite shelf life, the nutrients are completely sealed within the molasses base.
  • Greater palatability and 24/7 availability.
  • Convenient, easy to feed, reusable poly, recyclable or disposable containers.
  • No feeding equipment to purchase, less labor to feed.
  • Improves overall herd contentment, health and physical appearance. You will see brighter eyes, improved hair coat and more stamina in 30 days.
  • Less time between parturition and first heat, stronger heat signs and faster breed back, higher conception rates and stronger offspring at birth.
  • Healthier immune system, improved disease resistance, lower costs for supportive vet care.
  • Lactating animals will give more milk.
  • Heavier weaning weights, it puts more pounds on the ground for you.
  • Guaranteed consumption control to improve your bottom line.

THIS ---->https://bordervet.vetmatrixbase.com/retail-sales/salt--mineral-and-feed-supplies/ols-tubs/guaranteed-analysis.html

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