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Wet Food Can size: 385g

Gastro Intestinal High Energy is formulated for gastrointestinal conditions, it is an ideal diet for dogs with a specific gastrointestinal condition and high energy needs. 

  • Acute gastroenteritis (Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the stomach and small intestine).
  • Post-operative enteropathy (disease in the intestine).
  • Agility or working dogs.
  • Stress diarrhea.
  • Cancer.
  • Recovery from illness, surgery or trauma.
  • Inappetence or anorexia.
  • Digestive aids help restore the intestinal flora and promote intestinal health.
  • High energy density helps reduce the amount of food given per meal.
  • EPA/DHA acids help reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Is an excellent choice for dogs that are acutely inappetent.
  • Also is an excellent choice for dogs that have a need for increased energy such as working dogs or agility dogs. 

For more information click here:

Feeding Guidelines, Nutrients & Ingredient Analysis

THIS ---->https://bordervet.vetmatrixbase.com/retail-sales/pet-products/medi-cal-royal-canin-pet-food/canine-speciality-diets/gastro-intestinal-high-energy.html

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